Tuesday, August 21, 2007


So we completely abandoned the dip idea for the last co-op meeting and instead ended up making crab-stuffed mushrooms. And of course, I volunteered us for the snack again for tonight's meeting, but I'm copping out and just making a big batch of salsa to do double duty for tonight's meeting and tomorrow's book club - speaking of bookclub, I still have 100 pages or so to on the book, so tonight may be a late night.

JB and I have had two hot dates in the last few days. Last night we went to the Gypsy Cafe monthly dinner. We shared a bottle of wine and had a lovely night. On Friday, we played scrabble at the Quiet Storm. This was my first time back to the game of scrabble since I played with Ehrrin - which was traumatic, because I'm not used to playing with only seven letters (JB and I have our own, very flexible, set of rules) and I was nervous and awful - so it was good to be back. We don't keep score, and when we finished, JB said the same thing she says after every game - "I think you won." Only now am I realizing that I probably don't win most games.

Also, I'm working on a new art project for our bedroom -which is turning out nicely so far, but I think it's just a distraction from the closet - which I don't want to discuss. I'm destined to live closet-less forever. FOR-E-VER.

On the family front - the kids started school in Mexico, the Burgans are officially in Pgh, and Stephanie came over for dinner on Saturday - I made a comfort casserole with stovetop stuffing, cream of mushroom soup, chicken, broccoli, and cheddar cheese - not the healthiest meal, but perfect for a rainy night. It's been grey and cool lately, which is a nice break from the stifling heat - still I like to see some sun now and again.

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