Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Staying Close to Home

JB and I walked to the Pirates game last night. Our seats had a great view of the city and we had beer, hot dogs, peanuts, cotton candy and, believe it or not, a tummy ache. As if all that weren't enough, the game was good too! The Pirates won 9-0 and a ball was even hit into the river. The walk to the stadium was nice - and made me feel less guilty about ordering one of everything at the game.

On Sunday we did the MWSS House Tour (which was incredible!) and when we finally finished all 14 houses and made it back to our house, I thought my feet were going to fall off. We were so exhausted that we just took turns giving each other foot rubs. I ended up going to bed at 8:30 pm. Still, it was totally worth it. The houses on the tour were beautiful, and some even had before and after pictures - with before pictures that were in worse shape than our house. It's really inspiring and motivating to see what people have done with old homes - especially when you are starting to feel like every time you turn around something else is falling apart in your home.


  1. noble usage of the royal we on all that junk food ...

  2. Just because you didn't have any cotton candy doesn't mean I was all alone at the feeding trough :)

  3. Anonymous9/13/2007

    thats awsome