Friday, November 16, 2007

Don't Sweat the Tile

Yesterday was full of important, but mostly boring meetings. Payroll, Security, Credit Cards, and a POS system. The POS system was the neatest of the bunch, but it is quite pricey. We are torn over whether or not we should get it because while it's not something we NEED, it would make our lives much easier and save quite a bit of time. I suppose it all depends on whether or not we are able to get the technology grant we applied for.

The counter is moving forward again - The countertop and drink bar are up. The mini counter by the ice machine is also up. (Don't worry, the hideous cafe curtain isn't staying.) The most exciting development is that the tile is being laid. We agonized over the tile choice - not too ugly, not too expensive is a surprisingly hard balance to strike. I'm really happy with the tile we went with, but in retrospect, I'm sure we could have chosen anything and made it work.

Every post lately has been about the Cafe. Which is fair, because that's pretty much taking over our lives at the moment. Still, I'm going to make a concerted effort to do something non-hoi polloi related, yet blog worthy this weekend. Perhaps I'll bake a carrot cake.

In other news, Hoi Polloi is going to be donating the cookies and beverages for Allegheny West's Christmas House Tour. We'll be open during the tour, but we'll also have a table with free hot beverages and homemade cookies for the tour goers. That's a lot of baking!!!

I'm really terrified that the cafe is going to kill the love of baking in me. I really enjoy it so much, but after a few months of having to do it everyday, it may not not be as much fun. :( Or maybe I'll just get hella good at it!


  1. Sandra, this is Frank, the photog from Dish. You better not loose the love of baking... We are ALL looking forward to your place opening and joining our community.

    Thanks again for the time for the article and we'll see you behind the counter shortly.

    until then,

  2. Sandra,

    Love love love your blog. I have def plans to come in and blog, but have just lost a close friend so I'm a little behind in my nonessential tasks.

    Are you on the Northside Chat yahoo group?


  3. i say.. you'll get hella good