Wednesday, November 14, 2007

In Hot Water

I am very cranky today. Aside from feeling generally overwhelmed, we have run into some delays with our contractors (shocking, I know) so there has been no progress on the counter. On top of that, they turned off the cold water in our apartment three days ago when they moved the sink in the cafe - and it has yet to go back on. We've had to flush our toilet with buckets (ew), and have begun to smell awfully ripe. So today, our third day without a shower, we had an appointment with a photographer from the Pittsburgh Dish (yay!) for a profile that they are doing on Hoi Polloi. Getting our picture taken with three days of funk on us isn't really an option, so we had to take "splash showers". We turned on the boiling hot water, stood near it and splashed it onto ourselves, soaped up, and splashed to rinse. It's hard to describe being freezing and scalded at the same time. Not fun.

In happier news, the Pittsburgh Dish is covering our progress :) and everyone we've spoken to there has been very nice. Also, we met with the sign people today about the hanging sign that will go over the front door. If it comes out the way I'm picturing it, it should look rather sharp.

Tonight jb and I are taking a break and going out to get some Thai food. It may be the last date we go on for a long time.


  1. Anonymous11/14/2007

    Dont worry it will all be over soon even though i love the word cranky and withering stare never mention tia chinese vitnemese agian all of those foods here r yukky!

  2. thai food.. mmmm so delicious!
    why didnt you tell me you dont have any water?? you should have called and came over.. we actually JUST got our hot water which is super exciting. i have a feeling that once things start will all be gravy *also delicious*