Sunday, December 30, 2007

Intrigue and Putty

Today we had two very special guests at Hoi Polloi. I'm afraid I can't disclose who they were in order to protect their privacy, but I assure you that I was very excited to see these mystery blonds in our cafe. Why the shroud of secrecy? Are they in witness proctection? Running from the law? Avoiding the flashbulbs of the paparazzi? Afraid of retribution from an enemy? The public will never know.

What I can share is that they came bearing kind wishes for the new year (and a bottle of sparkling wine!) and said that our oatmeal-cranberry cookies were delicious. Our mystery guests, whom I'll refer to as Paris and Nicole from here on out, hadn't seen the space since before any renovations and seemed impressed by how we've transformed the space. Paris and Nicole had recently been out to Cincinnati and told us about their adventures there as they enjoyed tea and a peppermint mocha.

In other news, I'm anxiously awaiting delivery of my order of Mighty Putty. As I've mentioned in other posts, many (MANY!) of our walls are simply exterior brick with a layer of 100 year old plaster. This makes it nearly impossible to to hang anything from curtain rods to shelves to these adorable bronze hooks shaped like tree branches I got for our bedroom. I'm a sucker for infomercials and since I've been watching about 8 hours of HGTV a day over my vacation I finally buckled. If it's nearly as effective as Billy Mays purports, I'll be one happy homeowner. (Interesting Pittsburgh Fact: Billy Mays, in all his full volume glory was born in McKees Rocks; who knew he'd go on to sell common epoxy to chumps like me.)

Tomorrow is New Year's Eve and jb and I will be heading over to Ehrrin's for a toast. We are really looking forward to it since we haven't done anything social in some time - but there is some concern that jb may not make it to midnight. Hopefully we can work in a nap before we head over.

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