Thursday, March 27, 2008


This past Sunday jb took me to the Grand Concourse for brunch. It's always fun to dress up and when there's all you can eat bacon, well that just makes for the perfect date. The salmon was incredible and the bananas foster was to die for.

While my mom was in town I made her a coconut cream pie. Making meringue with an electric mixer is so much easier than beating it by hand. The pie tasted great, but the meringue deflated overnight in the fridge a bit and the filling separated creating this syrupy liquid which made the crust a little soggy. I'm not really sure how to fix those two things, though :(

Last week I was on a week-long retreat in northern California - the second part of the leadership fellowship I'm participating in. This time the group was comprised of LGBT activists from around the country and it had a distinctly different feel from the last one. The fellowship and the trainings are convened by Rockwood which does training for both the corporate and non-profit fields. The retreat had limited phone and internet access and no television - which is not really my style. Luckily we had 14 hour days to fill our time and the scenery and weather were just gorgeous. The little black dots on the hill are cows - which kept making me think of those happy California cow commercials.

Shootings in our neighborhood are escalating. Today was the latest - a man was killed in front of an elementary school in Manchester at 3 pm. Yesterday, a mail carrier was shot on his route at 10:30 am. I lost count of how many shootings we've had since we moved here in May.

Let's agree to disregard the complete lack of transition between topics in this post.


  1. definitely funnier than my after-party clean-up line.

  2. I was at the Grand Concourse on Sunday too! There's something about those apple dumplings that makes me want to pay $30 for brunch!

  3. that pie looks amazing! annnd please let me know next time you want to go to all you can eat brunch.