Friday, April 11, 2008

Sugar Sugar

When jb and I were in Cleveland for our anniversary we visited their botanical gardens and jb got me these two little jars - one with crystals that absorb water and grow to 300x their original size and one with wheatberries.

I'm hoping to juice the grass once it grows a bit taller.

In other news I haven't had sugar in a week. Well, refined sugar anyway - I'm still eating fruit, dairy and occasionally a bit of honey. I thought I'd give sugar a break, thinking I wouldn't last through the day, but a week later I'm still going strong. I'm now aiming for a month. The hardest part has been avoiding all the hidden sugar. I thought I'd cut out desserts and be home free - but of course nothing is that easy and after a few days of reading labels, it seems if I really want to avoid added sweeteners I have to avoid anything processed. There is sugar in salad dressing (sugar is listed before and dairy in ranch), hot sauce, lean cuisines, everything. Luckily I'm pretty well equipped for this since the cafe is stocked with natural foods and natural sweeteners. I'm still using our juice sweetened jam and may try baking with honey or agave nectar. I've actually felt kind of sick all week - but hopefully the feeling good part will kick in soon.

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  1. woah mama! are you a photographer?! that grass looks beautiful. and keep up the good work with the sugar boycot.