Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Battery Life

Last week was pretty eventful. On Thursday jb and I walked to PNC park to watch the Pirates beat the Yankees. Hot Dogs, Beer, perfect weather and a great game.

On Friday I got up bright and early to wait in line to get the new Iphone. We waited in line for 3 hours and got the next to last phone that store had in stock. jb brought me coffee and a cinnamon bun while I waited in line - and there was a suspenseful stretch of time where we weren't sure if there would be enough phones or if I'd have enough time to wait to claim a phone (I had somewhere very important to be - see below). Totally worth it. It really is everything I dreamed it would be. I haven't charged in 40 hours and it's still going. It has even inspired me to organize my music library.

Once I got my phone, I headed over to the orthodontist's office because Stephanie was getting her wisdom teeth out. She new that I had been waiting in line that morning, but I'd promised her that I would be there when she woke up to take care of her - even if it meant leaving before I got an iphone. So when the nurse told us she was done and we could go see her the first thing she said was, "Did you get your iphone?" - of course she asked again...and again...and again :) It was so funny to see her coming out of it. Check out the video for a taste of it - she wasn't so good at applying chapstick.

Now I'm in DC. I got in on Monday and I'm staying with Kalina the first couple of nights. Last night Kalina did what we do best - sushi and drinks. Today was a long stressful day at work and I just got home from dinner with Nancy B. Tomorrow I have a feeling will be another rough day at work, but then in the evening I'm going to visit Tsoghig and I get to meet her new baby - so that should get me through the day. I miss my friends here so freaking much. Pittsburgh is kind of lonely.

On the homefront - Hoi Polloi is getting AC (that works!) tommorrow!!!!

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  1. they are here now - let's cross our fingers, the way this week's been going!