Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Laying Low

jb and I spent a nice night in with tuna sandwiches for dinner, a good game of scrabble and the DNC on TV. Today was my first day back at work since returning from Denver and to make the transition back to the daily grind easier, jb brought me a bubble tea back from when she was out running errands. Bubble-tastic. Speaking of the Denver trip - in my last post I mentioned that I hoped I'd get to return to Colorado with jb - well, ha. I have a compulsion to bid on silent auction items - and at the Stonewall convention I apparently had the winning bid on a Rocky Mountain resort package - so wish granted, I suppose. :)


  1. Rocky Mountain Resort Package?! wowie!! you are one lucky girl! I love the new layout by the way.

  2. you are a very graceful winner, smt.