Thursday, September 4, 2008

Cradle of Civilization

jb's eye is doing better, but we found out she has an ulcer on her cornea - yikes! She was perscribed eye drops that have to be administered every hour - even at night. That's as much fun as it sounds like.

Still, this didn't keep us from going out to celebrate Daniel's birthday. We celebrated over dinner and drinks...and as we were finishing up they announced that there would be a trivia contest that evening and the winners would get 50% off their tab. So of course we had to stay and win it - three rounds, ten questions each, two cookie-tinis - and victory. The iphone photo is a little grainy - but I couldn't resist posting the look of pure joy on Daniel's face after we won. Daniel is in the middle.


  1. Ouch on the eyye drops! Congrats on the Daniel's big win!

  2. daniel looks really excited!

    sorry to hear about the eye drops...