Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Pueblo Magico

We've spent the last couple days in Tepoztlan. On Sunday we climbed one of the mountains in Tepoz; it was an easier climb than Tepozteco but the views were still incredible. My dad was able to climb with us, which was a nice treat since usually his balance keeps him on level ground. When we got to the top it was almost like we were in the clouds.
By the time we got back down to the town we had worked up an appetite so we had quesadillas in the marketplace. Chorizo con papa, cecina con nopales, flor de calabaza... In all seriousness, I think this is the best food on the planet.
On Monday Larissa, Mom and I went back to Tepoz for massages. It was so relaxing (the best massage of my life, actually), and afterwards we walked around the town and had lunch a nice restaurant with great views. It was a nice girls' day out.

Other notable news includes that I got to see Larissa and Nick's school, accompanied my mother to Zumba (which sadly she would not let me video! She is too cute!), got to see some extended family, and have gotten in some quality time with the immediate family.


  1. jealous jealous and more jealousy! can you guys come down to visit me next year so that we can have another girls day? i want to do a fun family time event in pittsburgh this fall!

  2. i really love this pictures so much. thanks for posting, in spite of the hassle they were giving you.