Friday, August 21, 2009

certain kind of light.

let's just pretend that we haven't missed the last month of blogging, so we can skip the rundown of excuses. fair?

despite the unpleasantness of being an income-less household, lovely and i have been enjoying a wonderful summer. the shop has been great and keeping us very busy (and we've been picking up catering gigs to make sure that we are never sitting around on our dupas), and lovely has been increasingly active with her doula-related volunteering (i'll let her say more about that).

and we've been getting out and about to take advantage of the tons of budget-friendly stuff summer in pittsburgh has to offer: movies in the park, soccer games, farmers' markets and farm tours, cookouts, and house tours, for starters. we had a run of birthdays (my dad, myself, then lovely) which was marked by lovefest with yu's chinese buffet. lovely's birthday fell on the same day as a the netroots nation reception at the warhol, so we called that her party. we also ran into a bunch of old friends from dc, which was a good time.

oh - and we've also made lots of progress on the middle room, soon to be promoted to living room! we've got bona fide ceiling and walls, and are almost done painting. this is tough work that is not so fun in the heat, but it feels so good to be moving it forward.

the biggest recent news is that most of the teleps are home. the last week has been full of catching up and trying to help out with their move back to the states. now, we are all impatiently counting down the final two weeks until muffy's return! (still working on the getting-jared-closer front.)


  1. It really has been a great summer, my love. I'm so glad we got to share it.

  2. it sounds like so much fun! I can't wait to get back to do these things too~