Thursday, December 31, 2009

Feliz Año!

2009 is coming to a close - and we've got a pretty exciting year ahead of us! Time for the annual year in review post. (You can also check out the 2007 and 2008 posts.)

  • Visited Muffy and N8 in Korea for a full 10 days!
  • The G20 was in town - which was the inspiration for the best party we've ever attended!
  • I returned to Sonoma, CA for the final installment of the the Rockwood Fellowship.
  • My job tried to get me to quit by saying the only way they could afford to keep me was if I took a 30% paycut, title demotion and moved back to DC - in two weeks. I called my union rep who gave them hell - then they laid me off with three months notice, but the terms of my layoff were that I had to serve out my last three months in the DC office, but they would not provide a hotel or cover expenses for travel (again I believe this was so that I quit and they wouldn't have to pay my severance). I did it - back and forth between pgh and DC for three months on the couches of very gernerous friends. Ha. I'd almost forgotton how thoroughly that sucked.
  • Completed training to become a Doula
  • Went on my last official work trip (a UCP in Rochester, NY)
  • Visited my family in Mexico for two weeks!
  • jb and I thoroughly enjoy the summer weather - Farm tours, outdoor concernts, movies in the park, soccer games, farmers markets etc.
  • I attend my first birth as a doula
  • The three musketeers (jb, daniel and myself) have a "last hurrah!" birthday blow-out at the Andy Warhol museum on my birthday - Open bar!!
  • I make some (not-so) extra cash giving Spanish lessons and picking up some babysitting gigs
  • My former job has their convention in Pittsburgh - it's really nice to see former co-workers, board members and chapter leaders (at least the ones that didn't have a part in making my life miserable for several months) and we cater a big event for the convention
  • Hoi Polloi starts to pick up catering business more and more
  • We finally get the living room into livable condition
  • My family is all living in the same city for the first time in two years! We are all able to go to Cincinatti for Thanksgiving and spend Christmas together!
*Note: The pictures in this post make it seem like all I did was drink until the positive pregnancy test. I switched out the Korea picture so I wasn't holding a bottle of soju, the Mexico picture is me hitting the mezcal, wine in wine country, the music festival picture was taken after a good liter of white sangria (I'm pretty sure I'm clutching the cup below the frame), and then well, the warhol party - at least I'm not holding two drinks like Daniel is.


  1. It was a good year!

  2. I love the pregnancy test picture!

  3. I think the photo of you two with the ept is the BEST photo I've seen in awhile. I am just in love with that photo. Congrats on the pregnancy too!