Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Wowzers. I just saw my belly move. The first time I just caught a glimpse of movement out of the corner of my eye, but after watching it for a few minutes it happened again - like the whole thing moved, without me doing anything. Crazy.

We had a busy but great weekend. On Friday we met with our doula, Kathy, who is just so great. That evening we went out to celebrate the birthday of a friend of ours from college (at a bar, so we split soon after I finished sipping my ginger ale). On Saturday we had our hypnobabies class (I can't believe we're more than halfway through the course) and that evening the whole family got together for dinner at Sesame Inn to celebrate Muffy's birthday.

Photo by N8

Sunday was Valentine's Day. Usually jb and I don't do much for this holiday, but since we had the gift certificates that Muffy got us for Christmas we thought we'd see how the other half lives and have a real date on the biggest date night of the year. First we caught a matinee showing of Valentine's Day (cute) and then headed over for our dinner reservation at 17th Street Cafe - which is just the sweetest date restaurant. All in all it was a great night. We'll probably go back to our usual and less crowded plan of ordering take-out next year, but it was fun to have a proper Valentine's date for our last V-day before baby.

Today jb started her job, and so far so good :) Daniel and I held down the fort here so all jb had to do was focus on work, eat her lunch packed with love, and come home to a treaty (but not totally nutritionally devoid) dinner.


  1. isn't it insane to *see* your belly move?! :D i used to just sit and stare at mine, it was so incredible!

  2. you make it sound like we have an awesome life or something. ;)

  3. love the updates! my birthday was a blast thanks to you guys! i love you like crazy..like..really crazy

  4. Isn't it nuts when you can see it from the outside and not just feel it!

    I used to lay in the bath and watch it jump around, it was the craziest thing, I could watch my belly move for hours!