Friday, February 26, 2010

Perfectly Average

We had a big monkey day today. We had a midwife appointment in the morning and an ultrasound in the afternoon. The midwife we met with today is actually a neighbor of ours, so we knew her, which was nice. They had five (5!) births at the center the day before, so everyone was pretty exhausted there. Everything seems to be on track, my weight gain has plateaued after last month's spike and monkey's heartrate was in the 140s. We've officially met all the midwives - and are ready to get this show on the road.

The ultrasound also went very well. My formerly low-lying placenta has moved up - which is very good news, and the reason we went in for the ultrasound. The baby's weight was estimated at 2 lbs. 15 oz. - which is in the 49th percentile. Not too big, not too small - perfect :) Baby was head down (yay!) and very active (we saw a couple more yawns and stretches).

Now we are going in for appointments every two weeks. Home stretch.


  1. yay! glad everything went well. we have 1 more 4 wk appt at the end of mar before we start every 2 wks - yikes! hope things continue to go well. and love the pics, btw!

  2. awwww!!! what *sweet* pictures!! :D

  3. yay for the moving placenta!!

  4. I love that second photo...I wish we had nice photos of the two of us..we have nothing!

    Congrats on the placenta moving and on the perfectly average (emphasis on perfect) monkey!!

  5. umm.. i LOVE these pictures. you two are so beautiful!