Saturday, March 27, 2010


So this violates the blog "only posting pictures of myself that are at the very least not totally awful" rule - but this really needs to be recorded for posterity. My feet balloon up to the size of blimps each night these days. My hands also occasionally swell up to look more like paws, too. At first, when the difference was only noticeable to a familiar eye, I wasn't sure if I was just crazy - I mean I'm a chubby girl, so I thought maybe they always looked like this...I just never realized. But now there's no mistaking it. I'm positive I used to have ankles.


  1. Ooh that does not sound fun! Do your feet get hot too? I hate having hot swollen feet.
    What does your doc say? Does elevating help?
    Sorry you're dealing with this:(

  2. Ouch. I had such terrible swelling with my first pregnancy it was awful! I feel for you, love!


  3. Violet, she's turning violet!

  4. oh, yes, i am familiar. i just started coming home and getting directly in the bed. it's a horrible sensation.

    the only thing i can say to make it better is that it does go away, rather quickly, after delivery of the babe!