Sunday, May 2, 2010

Run, Muffy, Run!

Today we cheered Muffy on as she ran the half-marathon! The route for the marathon passed very near to our house, so my parents and Larissa joined me by the sidelines. There were several friends in addition to my sister that I was hoping to see run by, and I was convinced I was going to miss them all once the hundreds of people started going by and they all started to blur together - but I managed to spot everyone I was hoping to spot; it's like they popped in the crowd! My mom loves to cheer, so she helped me cheer on friends, even if she wasn't sure who they were ;) The marathon was totally fun to watch - even in the rain! It was especially thrilling to spot someone you know in the crowd. First Jay, then Ellen, then N8 - and most importantly, Muffy!! We are so proud of you, kid!


  1. YAY! THANK YOU AGAIN for all of the support. It really meant a lot to me <3

  2. I was so happy to see you guys! Thank you so much for sticking it out in the rain :)