Saturday, July 3, 2010

BOGO: Weeks Six and Seven

Things are good. We are really getting into a rhythm as a family. We kicked off week six with a low key Fathers' day celebration. Here are a few words from jb, since that's her territory:

since it was our first father's day, i wasn't really sure what to expect. though lovely and leo were anxious to treat me like a king for the day, i insisted on the low-key route since 1) that is generally our style, 2) i was slated to be in the shop all day, and 3) it seemed to me that i should be celebrating lovely and leo for giving me this day at all. of course, those two managed to sneak a bunch of treats by anyway: i awoke to gifts hidden on my side of the bed, including an awesome photo of lovely and leo that's already on my desk at my other job, these really cool, matching amber necklaces for leo and i - his should come in handy for teething and mine for headaches, and a pair of shoes that i covet, especially in the summer. then, leo came to visit me at 'work,' looking handsomer than ever and bringing me my first father's day card. after the shop closed, they arranged for a night in of dinner and a movie. while leo and i picked up the take-out and dvd selection, we stopped to visit my dad ('pops' to leo and me), who also had to work that night. even though our stay was brief, pops was really excited to see us, and it felt really special to exchange 'happy fathers' day's' with him. we hunkered down with our treats and screen time for the evening - it was an absolutely perfect day.

i was also surprised and touched by how many other people called, wrote, and/or wished me a happy father's day in person at the shop.

on monday, we celebrated with grandpa. for grandpa, lovely helped leo put together a collection of his first month video moments. it was really cute and of course we all watched it before hitting the main event of the afternoon - the tooth fairy and pizza. we finished off the two-day father's day binge with a cookie-cake, a favorite of both mine and grandpa's. so good. again, it was special to be sharing the day with my other dad.

Breaking developments in the last two weeks include:
  • even more adorable babbling accompanied by regular smiling and even a laugh or two
  • lots of spit bubbles and drool
  • pooping up a storm (rather than the massive once-every-three-days poop, we are getting 4-5 a day.)
  • Leo finally noticed the spinning animal mobile above his swing (which he is sitting in for several minutes at a time without crying!!) and is totally enthralled by the movement.
  • We weaned off the nipple shield! And Leo's meals have become much shorter and more efficient.
  • We had to start a give-away pile because Leo is growing out of some of his newborn clothes. *tear*
  • I began going back to my Friday yoga class while Leo and jb spend one on one time together.
  • Leo is missing Abi, Aunt Larissa, and Uncle Nick because they are spending some time in Mexico.
  • Leo had lunch with Max (well, Max's mom and I had lunch, but I think it was the beginning of a beautiful friendship for the babies.)
  • Leo and I went to my doula meeting and I got to tell my birth story to a roomful of awesome women - including our doula who was there for the amazing event.
We also continued our favorites, like walks to the park, the famers' market, singing/dancing together, and reading books. Here are some additional highlights in reverse chronological order, because I just don't have the energy to rearrange the pictures.

Leo at seven weeks in Mellon Park.

Meeting Aunt Rose and Uncle Steve

We learned how to nurse in the sling - allowing me to browse every aisle at Target, just like the good old days.

Leo attended his first rally. The first issue he tackled? The state budget.

We watched daddy's soccer game with Abi and Aunt Fanny.

We gave the library lapsit another shot, and Leo nursed through most of it, but caught a song or two at the end.

Now we are heading to bed to rest up for tomorrow's 4th of July celebration. We'll check in again at eight weeks - just shy of two months!


  1. great pics sister!

  2. Anonymous7/05/2010

    He is so darn adorable I can't stand it! Your post about the milestones made me laugh, as the mother of a 2-year old terror who walked at 11 months. If you have stairs, I'd invest in sturdy baby gates. Soon.

  3. awww, it's great that jb had such a great father's day!! i'm jealous that you learned how to nurse in the sling. that will be my next stop. congrats on not needing the shields anymore. BF has been going much better for us too! :)