Sunday, August 22, 2010

Moving Day

Today was a rough day. We said goodbye to friends and neighbors. We packed up our house. We loaded a giant truck (thank you to our heavy lifting helpers). And now jb and Daniel are in Philadelphia working to unload said truck (with the assistance of N8) into an apartment I've never seen in person. Leo and I are currently laying low at my parents' home until weds when we will board a bus (with Larissa and Nick) for a six hour trip to Philly.

Leo turns 14 weeks today, but I guess I should stop counting in weeks now that he's passed the three month mark. Three months is also the point where I think he stops being a newborn. It's true, he's turning into a full on baby. He's chewing on his fist. Drooling up a storm. He's getting really good at working his hands and has gotten really grabby - he dumped a bowl of cereal onto himself and jb at the table. He's also discovered his feet and spends a lot of time grabbing them. He's pretty consistently rolling (from tummy to back) and has gotten good at scooting small distances with an army crawl type of motion.

In other news, my computer has contracted a virus (fml) and so until I figure that out I'm relegated to blogging on this infernal iPhone app.

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  1. Bittersweet day - sad to be leaving, I'm sure, but embarking on a new adventure! I'm sure it will go wonderfully and look forward to hearing all about it xxx