Friday, August 27, 2010

Settling In

We are officially moved in. We had my mom, Larissa, Nick, Daniel, and Jared here the first few days (sooooo grateful for all their help!) but now everyone has gone home and we are unpacking and settling in. It still kind of feels like we are playing house. Like those first couple weeks with Leo when it felt like we were babysitting - and that hasn't completely worn off yet either! Luckily, playing house is super fun.

The new place is great. Jb did and excellent job home hunting for us. There are a handful of nice/useful amenities within a block or three and about six blocks south or east there are a ton of fun things to do and see. The house has a long hallway and hardwood throughout - right now Talula is the one enjoying them the most, running up and down the hall, but in a short time Leo will be crawling behind her. Other favorite things about the new place: deep window sills, great water pressure, fantasitic light, central air (that works!), a pull and spray nozzle on the kitchen sink, that extra half bath, porch, one room for kitchen/couch/laundry... Suffice to say I'm loving the new place!

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  1. Anonymous8/29/2010

    Your new place sounds wonderful! Enjoy! I love my wood floors, it is my goal someday to have all the carpet in my house replaced with wood.