Sunday, October 10, 2010

The changing table! The heart of the nursery. On the wall are mirror decals and hanging by the window is a nightlight that casts different colored stars and moons on the walls and ceiling (thanks grandpa!). He has all his toiletries on the shelf (we heart the burts bees line) and his cloth wipes and spray bottle. The top drawer hold clothes, the middle drawer holds diapers, and the bottom drawer holds clothes he still needs to grow into and larger items like sweaters. The square drawer holds extra diaper inserts and the side cabinet houses waterproof mats and other linens. We almost didn't get a changing table. I figured we could change him just about anywhere - on the floor, on the bed - but I'm really glad we have it. Leo loves laying on the changing pad and some of our best times happen during diaper changing time.

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