Friday, October 29, 2010


The election on Tuesday shines like beacon of hope before us. Or, less dramatically, jb is in crunch time for her job and I'm really looking forward to things slowing down post-election. It's not pretty when election season and teething season collide in the B-T household.

One thing that really comforts Leo when his gums are feeling especially sore is brushing his gums with the toothbrush that Abi got for him. Mostly he just chews on it, but I'm so grateful for anything that distracts him from the rare, but soul wrenching scream fests that teething can bring on.

Leo has also recently decided that he would like to be on his tummy at all times. He loves scooting around the house - especially towards electrical wires. Time to gear up the baby-proofing.

He wants to be on his tummy on the floor, in bed, while nursing, and (most challenging) while getting his diaper changed.

At least he takes the opportunity to be helpful and pick out his own clothes.

Up until now, I haven't really given much thought to Leo's schedule. He eats on demand, if he's tired he falls asleep, and he goes where we go. Recently though, he has been a bit pickier about things. He is easily distracted while nursing and resists falling asleep if he's not in bed - so I've had to revisit the functional chaos that has been our schedule up until now.

So I made a nap schedule and we've been aiming for three naps at day at set times for the last two days and it's been working wonderfully. First nap is about an hour and a half, then the other two are about an hour. I wake him if he goes more than 20 minutes over (which is hard to do when he's so peaceful) - and it's returned the bedtime that was inching it's way towards midnight back to 8 pm. I think he's happier and I know I love having a couple hours in the evening to myself.

I'm not sure what to do about things that fall during naptime that we like to do - like yoga, playgroup, and other things. But for now we are putting those things on hold and sticking to walks and errands between naps until he gets used to the schedule.

And now signing off, I leave you with pictures of Uncle Jared and our little tomato head. (Thanks to Lisa who made the hat!)

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  1. what a little scooting prince!! we want more talula too!!