Thursday, October 14, 2010

There's really not much to report. We are still in Pittsburgh, but heading back to Philly tomorrow. Leo is just a few days short of five months.

It looks like it will still be a few months before Leo can borrow Uncle Nick's shoes. (Shockingly, this photo op was orchestrated by Abi.)

Leo sat in his first high chair.

Of course, that only lasted about twenty minutes before daddy had to take him outside to watch me finish my meal through the window.

We've been enjoying the fall air and leaves. The drive across the state was lovely and the temperature this week has been creeping towards the 50s, so I've been reconnecting with long lost sweaters.


  1. Anonymous10/14/2010

    Came across your blog via and loving it.

    I gotta say, Leo looks so much like his Daddy. Screw genetics, I think kids take on the traits of the one who feeds, cuddles and cleans their poopy bums!


  2. He's adorable...big smiles!

  3. Oh man. I love the pictures of Leo in your dad's shoes!!!! he looks like such a happy baby!