Thursday, November 11, 2010

Deja Vu

Well Leo's second (more stubborn) tooth has broken through, and just like last time it is followed by a cold. And just like this tooth was much more trying than the last, this cold is considerably worse than the last. Poor baby couldn't nurse his nose was so stuffy and on several occasions he started crying in his sleep before he even woke up. Heartbreaking. Of course it was only a few hours of that level of severity - but still. After a good steaming, some worthless nasal aspirating (that thing is crap!), some nasal saline drops and lots of nursing, cuddling, and rest - he's still stuffy and a little cranky, but doing much better.

We recently scored Leo an entire new winter 6-12 mo wardrobe for $5! A local school was having a fundraiser where the parents of the students donated all their old clothes and then the public could buy them for $5/bag. There was some great stuff and you can fit a lot of baby clothes into one bag :)

We are also making some travel plans. We are working on plans for our monthly pilgrimage back to Pittsburgh. We are hoping to maximize our time there around Thanksgiving so we can see people and get some work done on the house. We are also planning a trip to go see Aunt Fanny all the way down in sunny Mexico. We were hoping to get there around Christmas, but due to airfare and vacation time restrictions it looks more like February. We applied for Leo's passport and as seems to be a requirement for passport photos - he looks hilariously awful.

The only other big news I can think of is that we found the *@#$%&ing turtle head from Leo's Halloween costume. Isn't that always the way?


  1. that baby clothes deal was a steal! wow!

  2. poor leo and his constant bad cycles of tooth and illness.
    I hope he gets over it soon!