Sunday, December 5, 2010

My baby is a GENIUS!

Ok, so maybe I'm being a little overzealous - but this was so neat to watch. So, when we were in Pittsburgh for my dad's birthday Leo fell in love with the helium balloon that came with the fruit bouquet that Aunt Fanny sent for grandpa. He carried it everywhere all week. He even held it from room to room while strapped to my back and everyone joked that we were enacting our own Thanksgiving Day Parade (not sure how I feel about practically being called a blimp). Sometimes it was just in the background of his consciousness as it trailed behind him, sometimes my mom bumped his head into it and said "tope!" as a game, but other times he gave it his full concentration for hours. Don't worry, we never left him unattended with it, in fact, we were just as amazed to watch him as he was to play with it. What really pushed me into proud mother hen mode though, was watching him figure out how to bring it closer to him. Not only would he yank it so it would jerk closer, but he would hold it in one hand then grab the string with the other hand and pull it through to shorten the distance it could float above him. Pretty incredible. I'm pretty sure he is the smartest baby in the history of babies. (Never mind that he hasn't quite gotten the hang of sitting...)

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