Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Date Night

While we were still in Pittsburgh, jb and I had our first date since Leo was born.  I can't believe it's been almost a year and we haven't been out alone together for that entire time!  My parents had given us a gift certificate for the Melting Pot and offered to babysit, so we took them up on it this past trip and went out to belatedly celebrate our ten year anniversary.  

We had a cozy little booth set with a rose - look, it's so romantic we could barely capture a picture through the mood lighting!  We snuggled up, went over the menu and talked and giggled.  It really was a great date.  We did all four courses - cheese, salad, entree, and chocolate and hardly realized that we'd been there for four hours - yikes!  Luckily my family was taking stellar care of Leo and assured us we didn't need to hurry. 

The highlight of my meal was the blackberry-sage lemonade (with a shot of rum).  I haven't done very much drinking since Leo was born and I was well on my way to tipsy after just a few sips.  The most memorable moment was when the waiter came to check on us towards the end of the entree course and exclaimed, "Oh wow, you guys ate all of that!  I've never seen anyone do that before!"  Oops.  We were a little embarrassed, but not too embarrassed to polish off the chocolate course, too.  

Afterwards, we headed home feeling like we really had gotten a chance to reconnect - and eat a ton of great food.  Our sweet baby was waiting for us and we went back to life.  Hopefully we can do it again before another year goes by!

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