Saturday, May 21, 2011

Party Files: Piñata

Aunt Fanny and her friend Nayeli made a piñata for Leo's birthday party.  They used a balloon for the base, newspaper for a few layers of paper mache, toilet paper rolls for the legs and snout and finished it with tissue paper.  Isn't it adorable?

Generally I'm not keen on giving kids sticks to beat things (and possibly hit each other) with only to culminate in a greedy grab for sugar - but well, it is a part of our culture and family tradition.  So we went ahead and embraced it.

We did try to make it a little less sugar-centered with stuffers like yogurt covered raisins, bubbles, stickers, fruit leather and silly bands. 

It went over really well.  Leo loved it and most of the other kids were very young so the stick violence was kept under control.  It was mostly singing and tapping until a bigger kid came in and carefully and swiftly liberated the loot.

Here is Leo making sure I'm watching him:

Flashback:  The first piñata my mom ever made was for one of my early birthdays.  She made the rookie mistake of using too many layers of newspaper and so on the day of my party none of the kids could break it.  None of the adults could break it either. No one could even rip it.  Finally, my poor mother had to run into the kitchen to get the largest knife she could find and stabbed the piñata in a yard full of kids.  Ever since then she continuously warns us about making them too thick.

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