Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Rally at the State Capitol

So, jb is always a hard worker - but lately she's been working SUPER hard on a rally protesting the proposed budget cuts in the state budget.  Basically, she's been working 16-20 hour days for the last couple weeks - as she helped coordinate 70 buses and several thousand people from all over the state to descend on the capitol steps.  When she headed to Harrisburg early on Monday to work on the set up for Tuesday's rally, Leo and I tagged along.  

Of course jb was working around the clock at this point, so Leo and I were on our own.  We walked around a bit.

We climbed the stairs in the hotel.

 We played in the grass.

We went swimming and took a bath.

We made trouble.

And finally, when it was time for the rally to begin, we headed to the capitol to find a huge crowd that was fired up and chanting. 

Leo loved watching the crowds and was especially captivated by the drummers and guitar players. 

Leo and I are both so proud of jb - but hope she takes some time off before jumping into the next big project.

Wow, my dad helped plan all this?!?


  1. Wow! Is this JB's work or is she volunteering? Sounds like a lot of work - and a fun trip! Hope the rally was successful!

  2. It's part of her job. It was a success! The police officers were saying it's the largest in over a decade.