Sunday, June 26, 2011

Busy, Busy Bees

We've had a busy few days.  On Thursday we attended a rally in Center City - complete with drumline.  Leo loves rallies, going to center city, and drums - so this rally was a major hit with him.  I doubt he understood that we were calling out corporations that aren't paying their fair share in taxes - but he was shaking his little fist anyway.  You can read about the rally and the organization that organized it here.  Uncle Julian joined us for the rally and we all got these sharp t-shirts.  It was certainly a good way to spend a summer afternoon.

 On Friday we met up with Leo's friend E to check out the Bio Pond which is located on Penn's Campus.  I haven't explored the campuses much - they seem like a labyrinth! - but luckily E is familiar with the pond so she showed us the ropes.  

Leo was positively giddy when we arrived.  He loved watching the fish and turtles - but the highlight was the ducks (Pato! Pato! Pato!).  There was even a mama duck with seven ducklings!  It's a little bit of a hike from our house, but we will definitely be back - maybe when it's not so hot and humid.

And today was Saturday.  Weekends have taken on a whole new value now that jb is working in an office long days through the week. We want to get rest, chores, bonding, and adventures in - all in two short days.  It's a tall order.  I think we did ok today, though.  :)  jb and Leo got up early and let me "sleep in" (which I haven't been able to do, so instead I just enjoyed some alone time) while they made fresh apple-carrot-mango juice.  Delicious.  Then Leo took his morning nap and jb and I were able to touch base for the day's plan.

When Leo woke up we headed towards Neshaminy State Park.  We set up our blanket, slathered on sunscreen, changed into swimwear and played in the splash park for a while:

Then we checked out the pool.  The shallow end was only 18 inches, so Leo could easily stand - and the kid was fearless.  Even when he slipped a few times and his face went under, he just shook it right off.  He pulled me around the shallow end while he tried to chase the bigger kids and splashed up a storm.

Just as his lips began to turn blue, storm clouds rolled in, so we headed back to our blanket to dry off and have a snack.

We enjoyed a light picnic of hummus, tortilla and strawberries.  Which held us over just until we could stop for lunch on the way home.

Once we got home, Leo took a nap and jb ran some errands.  Then jb took a nap and Leo and I walked Talula and rented a movie at one of those handy kiosk things.  Then jb and Leo did their bedtime routine (with extra scrubbing in the bath to get all that chlorine off) and I put Leo to bed.  Finally, jb and I cuddled up to watch the movie I rented (Just Go With It with Adam Sandler - totally cute and funny).  And thus ends a lovely day.  (Well, then I got out the computer to blog - but grant me some poetic license.)  A great day.  A great week, really.  Super busy, and I'm exhausted, but that's really how I want life to go - lived and enjoyed.  jb always says, "You are SUPPOSED to be tired at the end of the day."  It's true.  (Of course this shouldn't be read as an endorsement of the late bedtime you've been keeping, my love.)  So off I go for some well earned sleep feeling pretty good about the use of our time and energy - and hopefully setting the groundwork for a great childhood for Leo to look back on.

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