Monday, June 6, 2011

On Cloud One

Swing Joy
Have I mentioned that I LOVE this age?  It's freaking awesome.  It's all first words, first steps, cutesy tricks to make us laugh and the feeling that we are really getting to know this amazing little person.  He is so much fun - every day he makes me laugh.  And while it is true that he's also a handful, I really am so grateful for each of these wonder-filled summer days.  It seems like each day he's mastered a new sign, a new word, taken another step - he's just not slowing down.

Chili for Dinner
He's picking up things  that we haven't deliberately taught him.  For example jb was making him breakfast the other morning and said, "How about some toast?" and he held his foot up pointing to his toes.  jb said, "No, not TOES, TOAST!" and he pointed to his nose.  We hadn't realized he knew any body parts!  Also, one day I noticed he was nodding his head in response to questions.  Nuts.  He's like a sponge - which is incredible, but also so scary.  He's ALWAYS watching us and learning everything we model.  yikes.

Hasn't learned to keep crumbs off the picnic blanket
Right now he's all about farm animals and the noises they make.  (baa baa and mmmmm are his favorites.)  He knows when he's not supposed to do something (like touch the computer keys) and will look at me as he does it and then shake his finger and say "nonononono" (from a song) and then do it again.  He will give "massages" of about three seconds.  He's taking tentative steps, but still prefers crawling.  He will sit on the floor and spin himself in circles with his legs.  He is really beginning to play on his own for stretches - especially in his little kitchen.  

So far I'm really happy with how our summer is going (awful illness excepted).  It's been a sunny-sweaty mix of swings, picnics, kiddie pools, and watermelon.    We've hit a couple outdoor concerts and even made a stop at the Three Rivers Arts Festival. 

Right now we are in Pittsburgh for the graduation (and respective graduation parties) of Uncle Julian and Aunt Lissa - not to mention the big move of Uncle Julian joining us in Philly!!  All in all, life is good.



seriously swinging

Tunnel Vision

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  1. Awesome pictures. You make being a mama look so much fun!