Saturday, June 18, 2011

Times They Are A Changin'

 I feel like we are always in some kind of transition - so you won't be surprised to learn that there are some changes afoot in our lives again.  First of all, the boys (Uncle Daniel and Uncle Jared) moved out.  Daniel had been living with us for almost a year, now and Jared joined our household more recently.  It's been a bittersweet adjustment.  It is nice to have a bit more space and privacy - but I do miss them.  We had a good time together and they were always willing to wash a sinkful of dishes.  What takes the sting out of their departure is that they only moved three blocks away - AND Uncle Julian moved in with them, too - so Leo has three uncles within walking distance.  Also close enough to come over to wash a load of dishes (right, Jules?). 

Second major change: jb started a new job.  Her last job was a one year position that came to an end and was much more flexible schedule-wise (meaning she was often able to work from home).  So now she's starting a new position that requires her to be in the office every day - and it's been quite an adjustment for me.  I'm used to having jb or one of the boys around most of the time; so it's never really been a problem for me to take a leisurely shower while someone kept an eye on Leo or to ask someone to chop all the veggies so that I can just throw dinner on the stove right before we want to eat - but over the last couple weeks I've been flying solo during the day and I'm realizing how awesome that support network was.  Luckily, the boys are still super willing to come by to help out and/or hang out - but it's not the same! 

So jb is getting used to being away a lot more and only getting a couple of hours with Leo on weekdays, I'm getting used to going full days on end on my own with Leo, we are all getting used to having the boys a few blocks away AND Pops moved to Texas!  Add in the aforementioned sickness, graduations, and travel and it's been a big couple of weeks!

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  1. That's a lot at once! Good luck transitioning!