Monday, July 18, 2011

Fourteen Months

 Leo is fourteen months old!  We are doing much better after our little rough patch - I don't know if everything is just on the upswing or if getting out my feelings/thoughts on virtual paper helped me - but whatever it is, I'm happy to report that we've both been much happier the last few days. 

Sleep:  We are still going back and forth between one nap and two - but the margin is narrowing (whereas before one nap days were a nightmare and two nap days were mostly good - these days both have their challenges but are manageable). 

Walking:  He is all walking all the time now.  He's falling more than he was initially, but I think it's because he's not concentrating as hard since it's becoming natural for him.  He's even taken to running a bit here and there.

Potty:  He hasn't pooped in his diaper in almost a week!!  His pees are still 50/50 - but I'm so impressed with how well he's taken to the potty (and the diaper launderer is grateful). 

Words:  It's a pretty even mix of signing, English and Spanish. A lot sound the same (ball/book/baa, papa/pizza, and the unfortunate caca/uncle) and he still likes to mix in the jibberish, but we can understand more and more of what he's saying everyday.

Tricks:  He does ojitos (fluttering his eyes, which is really just a few consecutive deliberate blinks), grunts as he shows his muscles, will lift his arms for a split second for "I'm a little teapot", will knock on the door before entering, blow his train whistle, and point to body parts as we name them.  We should take this show on the road. 


walking to brunch with dad

hot weather = diaper and tank

cutting mama's nails
Assembling Ikea furniture:  


  1. Anonymous7/19/2011

    He is so adorable; I could just eat him up. Love watching his videos. Think he's going to be left-handed? He seems partial to it in this one.

    What a little doll.

  2. I think so, too! Of course, then I think maybe I'm imagining it because I've been saying that since he was in my belly. I'm left-handed and obviously think left-handed people are superior ;)

  3. New around these parts, but it's great to be turning over a new happier leaf . . . even if it's only a few days in. Leo is adorable! Love his name.