Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Little Firecracker: The Face That Gets Me Out Of Bed

We ended up doing the parade but not the fireworks (they started at 10:30 pm!) for our July fourth festivities.  Honestly though, when we woke up on Monday morning - it was really hard to get up and go.  Neither jb nor I consider watching a parade a great way to spend a morning.  We are more coffee and newspaper (or better yet: sleep!) kind of people.  But, we suspected that Leo might enjoy watching the parade - so we dragged ourselves out of bed, packed some snacks and diapers and walked to the train that would take us towards the crowds, heat, and general un-bedness. 

And I'll me a monkey's mama (wait a second...) if that kid didn't sit through the whole darn thing.  For reals.  He watched each and every band, float and historical figure impersonator go by.  It brought a little tear to my eye to watch him.  So, I need to remember this face next time I'm debating whether it's worth getting out of bed to trek across town and fight the crowds for something I wouldn't choose to do if we didn't have a kid:

And yes, jb thought it was funny to put a Beatles shirt on him.  America's Independence - British Invasion - hahaha.  


  1. He looks totally enthralled!

    I think he's going to be a drummer! Love how he starts keeping the beat! So adorable! :-)

  2. Beyond adorable. I'm not a parade-lover, either, but it's so cool to see how fully engaged he is with us. Totally worth it.