Wednesday, July 27, 2011


baby blur
The most exciting news around here is that my mom is coming to visit!  Leo hasn't seen Abi in over a month so he is really going to be in for a treat.  And Abi won't believe he is the same baby who was barely taking a tentative step or two.

He will have to show her all his new tricks - and his new found  love of the curtains.  He uses them to play peek-a-boo for what seems like forever.  I love that since his feet usually stick out you can see his toes twitching with anticipation before he pops out.  He also just likes to sit under/inside them (like a fort).  He will take a toy behind the curtain, make sure I can't see him and play by himself for a while. 

In other news, we've been eating really well.  We picked up a CSA this week because friends of ours are out of town and offered us their share (how nice is that?).  Leo has been averaging two peaches a day (and ate one before we even got home from picking them up) and is enjoying trying some new foods.

I sauteed these greens (honestly I have no idea what they are - I just know they aren't spinach or kale...) in some butter and lemon and he surprised me by cleaning his plate.  And of course a peach for dessert. 


  1. He is so cute! I'm sure your mom will be shocked at how much he's grown and changed. They change so quickly at that age.

    Enjoy your "greens"!

  2. Anonymous7/27/2011

    He's such a cutie. How I'd love to cuddle him; he's a little doll.

    Looks like Swiss chard you have there. Yum! Just the way you fixed it is th

    Kathy C.

  3. Anonymous7/27/2011

    Oops, something went wrong. What I was attempting to say above is that the way you prepared it is the most delicious.

  4. smile smile smile.

  5. I can't wait to see him!!