Thursday, August 4, 2011

Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

 We have had a lot of excitement around our house lately.  We had a visit from Abi, we hosted playgroup (six babies make the same amount of mess as one baby - but are six times the fun!), and now Aunt Lissa and her best friend Maddie are visiting!  They arrived yesterday and we stopped by an Indian Buffet for dinner.  Then we went home, put Leo to bed, watched bad TV and ate junk.  I heart sister time.

This morning we woke up and made a big breakfast: whole wheat pancakes (with chocolate chips for the adults), homemade whipped cream and sliced strawberries.  Yum.  Seriously.  Yum. 

Then after Leo's nap we headed to we walked over to the Bio Pond where Leo spent over an hour poking things with sticks.  No ducklings today, but he loved watching the fish and turtles.

He had a blast with Larissa and Maddie and they made sure to tire him out (he did fall asleep as soon as I put him down).

At the end of the day we walked home via Baltimore Ave and stopped by several local restaurants to take advantage of $1 deals at the Baltimore Ave Dollar Stroll.   We enjoyed samosas, mango lassis, chicken wings, ice-cream, and a bunch of other fun foods.

I love that we had an awesome day without leaving the neighborhood or spending more than a few bucks.  Now Leo is soundly sleeping and I'm about ready to turn in myself.  We've got a few more big days ahead of us!


  1. So fun!! High energy, food, fun and lots of love! Can't wait for the post dedicated to AF!

  2. Sounds like an awesome time! Food looks yummy!

    Mom on Caffeine