Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Sugar Detox

I'm currently off sugar.  Well, not entirely, but mostly.  I'm still eating things with sugar in the ingredients like ketchup, ranch dressing, etc.  But I haven't had any desserts or sweets in a few days.  That might not sound that impressive, but trust me, it is.  I'm hoping to make it a month and then reassess how I'm feeling and make a decision whether to reintroduce sugar in moderation (who am I kidding, I have no self control) or to continue to forgo the sweet stuff indefinitely. 

I know my time is running out as far as Leo doing as I say not as I do and I don't want to see him pick up my awful habits.  Also, it's disappointing to me that I will bend over backwards to make sure he is getting a well-rounded, nutritious and sensible diet and I won't show myself the same courtesy.  I take darn good care of that kid, but my self-care doesn't always match up.  It's to the point that I will spend 20 minutes slicing fruits and veggies, cooking, and cleaning up to make him a healthy meal from scratch three times a day and rather than make a double batch I'll eat cookies while he enjoys his meal.  In my mind I think I'm treating myself, but I know full well that I'm really sabotaging myself.

I find my temptations fall into three categories.

  1. Sweet Foods/Meals: sugary cereals, doughnuts, sweet muffins, pancakes with candied fruit and whipped cream.  These are dangerous because they pose as respectable meal options and I'll choose something sweet every time it's an option - even if it's the first thing I'm eating that day. 
  2. Desserts/Treats: these are the most obvious offenders and a major weakness of mine.  I love me some brownie fudge sundaes.  Still, I can pass on these most of the time.  What makes this category hard to break is my bad habit of having a "treat" after Leo goes to bed.  I do it EVERY night.  Cookies, or ice-cream - something.  Something to mark the end of my day.  It's a hard habit to break.  I'm not even hungry, but I feel a compulsion to seek out sugar in the evening hours.
  3. Drinks: I'm shocked at how hard this one is for me - and it is hands down the hardest one.  I didn't think this was a major weakness for me because we don't keep soda in the house - but we do keep lemonade and I love to pick up a vitamin water when I'm at the store.  Since we don't keep soda in the house I love to order a coke with my meal at a restaurant "as a treat" and I can't pass up a Thai iced tea at my favorite Thai restaurants.  Between meals I love love love to go out for coffee; the only problem is I don't even like coffee...unless it's diluted by milk and caramel sauce and topped with whipped cream.  Don't even get me started on chocolate milk...
 So far I'm doing alright.  If I break it's going to be for a caramel latte or chocolate milk - but so far I'm holding strong.  I don't feel any different yet, but it's only been a few days.  Here's hoping for good things!

Disclaimer:  I may make an exception when I'm in Pittsburgh to have some Brunton's Chocolate Milk (if you are in Western PA and have not tried this yet - go!  You can thank me later).


  1. this is so tough for me too! i was able to go sugarless for a while when trying to conceive, then again when i was preggo right before she was born...i didn't want her to get hooked on sugar in my breast milk...but that kinda went out the window when she was a few weeks old...i got right back on the sugar wagon. ugh...

    but i agree, i really want to model good eating habits for bea...basically i'm trying to only eat things that she can eat...well, when she's awake. after bed, all bets are off and the sugar comes out! but i'll have to try a detox soon...

    good luck!! i totally feel you!!

  2. Anonymous9/01/2011

    Oh man, that's so hard to do! I have been trying to not eat sugar for a while now, but have to admit I sort of forgot about it in the last couple of weeks. I've found it relatively easy to forgo ketchup and mayonnaise and other processed foods that sneakily include sugar or corn syrup (and homemade mayonnaise is really good!), but cookies and cake at dinnertime are harder to pass up, and I've found myself being pretty liberal with the maple syrup and honey in hot drinks (which I consider to be more okay forms of sugar).

  3. Keep it up! You can do it. And btw Brunton's has suspended production so you no longer have to worry about that!

  4. Dude. Kudos for every TRYING to kick the sweet tooth. I have just about given up. I am shamelessly addicted to sweets. The best I can do is moderation :)

  5. I have to agree with you I also love Thai iced tea and I sure wouldn't want to pass on it.