Thursday, August 25, 2011

West Philly Review: Mizu

 I'm always on the lookout for a great lunch spot and a great deal and when I find a place that offers both - well, it's a good day.

Mizu is a little sushi spot on 40th (near Chestnut) that has a fantastic lunch special: four half-rolls of sushi and miso soup for $8.95 (this deal is also good on the weekends).


  • Generous portions of decent sushi for an affordable price.  
  • Lots of veggie choices and brown rice option.
  • BYO (if you're into that sort of thing)
  • Casual feel and quick service

  • The sushi is fine.  Not spectacular - but absolutely does the trick.  
  • No highchairs.  (Leo had his first restaurant chair experience)
  • Mostly Take-out; Just a few chairs and tables in the small dining area.  I don't mind this, but it's not heavy on the ambiance. 

All this could be yours for just $8.95
I enjoyed my lunch special.  The miso soup was great and I liked that you could mix and match up to four different kinds of rolls (rather than just two full rolls).  I got Leo his own special (with the intention of him sharing with the table) and ordered him some of the veggie options.  The sweet potato tempura was the biggest hit. 

I was pleasantly surprised that Leo not only ate a fair amount of sushi, that that he stayed in the chair for the duration of the meal.  Overall a success. 


  1. DaniCake8/25/2011

    We went on your recommendation on Tuesday. It was great! I should've thought to get a special for the baby too. That's a great tip. Love the new pic of you two!

  2. Our baby LOVES sushi too and sweet potato tempura is his absolute favorite!