Thursday, December 8, 2011

18 Months: A Year and A Half!!!

I know, I  know.  Sorry.  Thanks for sticking through.

18 months!!!  (about three weeks ago...) 

Language: He's consistently stringing words together.  (mama hold it (means he wants me to hold him), purple car zoom)  He's also grasping concepts like later/wait/in a minute.  He asked for a cookie and I told him it wasn't time for cookies so he asked me, "minute?"  He's also getting that there are two different languages in our home - he will translate a word for jb, or even for me if I'm not getting it fast enough.

Affection: He went through a phase of being really stingy with his kisses and hugs - which broke my heart.  But lately, as long as I make a big deal about how happy they make me he is back to being a generous kisser :)

Dancing:  Still loves it.  Has added a few new moves: 1. Shaking his booty (he must hold his bum while doing this)  2. a lot of arms  3. splits. He moves his legs as far apart as he can and yells "split!"

Haircut:  He got his first haircut - and he looks like a totally different kid.  I wasn't prepared for how different he'd look and it made me a little teary.

Favorite Pastime: digging for lint

People Identification:  He can differentiate and name all the people in our family and can even group them together by household/city.  He knows which three uncles live nearby and we visit regularly - or if we are on the phone with my mom he knows he can ask for grandpa or Uncle Nick or Aunt Lissa.

Children's Museum water fun

Potty: We've had some stalling and regression with potty progress - and I know I've said that I'm not in any hurry, but I was a little frustrated when he totally boycotted the potty for a week.  The last week or so he has been getting all poops in the potty and doing ok with pee.  I'll take it!

Playing with Abi's porcelain birds in Abi's bed

Eating:  He is eating (what seems like) massive amounts.  He's also getting really good at feeding himself.  From soup, to yogurt, to cereal - he can work a spoon pretty well.  A little messy, but not a disaster area.  Makes it so nice to be able to give him is food and actually eat at the same time.  He's still nursing - around the clock, but I've been entertaining the idea of night weaning.  I'm thinking of using Dr. Gordon's approach. 

My big nursling

Sleeping: We recently went through a rough nurse-all-night and wake up crying for more nursing jag.  It was miserable.  Things have calmed down a bit, but I'm still thinking of night weaning.  Ugh - it just seems like it's going to stink.  But I think we will both sleep better.  He's been resisting bedtime.  Not in a rebellious way - it just seems like maybe he is naturally moving to a later bedtime.  I guess we should bump him from 7 to 8.  Naptime is hit or miss - he usually wakes up after an hour - but will go down for another hour if I nurse him. 

I'm ready!  (for bed)


  1. Jrsinger12/08/2011

    This is the first post where Leo really seems like a BIG BOY. Congrats on making it a year and a half, Mama. He's pretty spectacular!

  2. Martha Kasper12/09/2011

    He is adorable! They grow and change so quickly!

  3. Happy half birthday, Leo! He's definitely changing into boy rather than baby!

  4. Oneluckyduck200012/09/2011

    I used Dr. Jay Gordon to end night nursing/co-sleeping with my Jack. I recently read a post by She chronicles their attempts at night weaning, but continuing to co-sleep. She was successful!

    Good luck!

  5. Sweet, sweet boy! I love the range of emotions in the pictures.

  6. Stephanie Telep12/09/2011


  7. Thanks for the new post! He looks so much bigger!! What a cutie! I love that he's translating for you both!

  8. Kathy Chamberlin12/09/2011

    He is just the cutest little thing ever! I love your posts and reading all about his latest tricks and developments. He's just a doll baby.

  9. Yes! I was reading her experience also - and she makes it sound doable - but then I think there is no way it could be that easy for us. I just need to buckle down and do it!

  10. Oneluckyduck200012/10/2011

    I thought that too, but I really believed that we were both ready. We weren't getting good sleep anymore and I went with what feels right. You seem to be that kind of parent too, so if you think HE is ready for it, I really think it won't be that bad. And you could also just go real slow and see what happens. I worked on just one thing with Jack, falling asleep without the boob. I nursed him to drowsy, and then rocked him until he fell asleep. He cried a bit, but I was holding him and talking to him. It took 2 days of that, I think, and then I moved on to nurse, then rock until drowsy and put down awake. I rubbed his belly and waited until he was asleep. I just took as long as he needed. All in all, about a week. I could put him in is crib wide awake and he'd play around for a few minutes and then go to sleep.

    So I say trust yourself and the boy and see what happens! It'll feel right, if it is! You're a great mommy and you are helping gain a bit more independence.