Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Prolific Toddler Artist

 Leo is at this wonderful age where making art will keep him still, quiet and happy for an hour or more a day.  During the first trimester coloring was a life-saver - and now that I'm feeling much better we've branched out to more types of arts and crafts (painting, playdough, washable markers, even glitter glue!).

Right now he is LOVING the painting.  I got the watercolors in little squirt bottles from Ikea along with some brushes and a smock and the kid has been painting on any piece of paper or cardboard he can get his hands on for two weeks.  Best $10 I've ever spent.

He is so proud of his work, loves when I put it on the fridge door, and often tells me that he's making a particular picture for a family member or friend.

The thing is, he is also very prolific.  He will pump out pages and pages on any given day.  I don't want to be heartless and throw out his brilliant creative pieces - but man - that's a lot of art.  Right now we are rotating the most recent ones in and weeding out some of the older ones.  I think we will scan or photograph some of the most remarkable ones and keep a select few originals in a memory box.

It has been cool to watch his ability and dexterity improve as he practices.  He really loves making circles.  Sometimes he will add a tail to them and call them balloons.  He also like to make very small and detailed symbols when he's drawing with a pencil or a pen - trying to write letters maybe?  He certainly gets that from jb - who  has notoriously tiny handwriting.

The drawing that has impressed me the most to date he titled "happy face sun."  I can clearly see facial features: eyes, nose and mouth and he even made the "rays" coming out of the face.  Not too shabby for a 21-month old.

Do you keep all your kids' art?  Do you have a smart way of keeping/storing it?  Have you just resigned yourself to letting a big chunk of it end up in the recycling bin?  Found a cool way to reuse or gift it?


  1. Some has been framed (namely early fingerpaintings; one hangs in the bedroom and one is his room) and some has, sadly been trashed. Some is seasonal and gets saved and re-hung when the season approaches again. I do plan to start scanning and saving. Shouldn't there be an app for that?

  2. We use something like this http://www.amazon.com/Alex-Toys-Art-Expandable-File/dp/B000HV0XLS. It has 12 or so pockets, I'm using one for each year. I slip in art (first I date it) that shows a new development. It expands pretty widely, so I hope it will last through elementary, if not longer.

    I also have a long piece of wire hanging across a wall in the dining room by eyehook type things. Then I clothespin various art pieces to it.

  3. My DD's art is more likely to be on the wall, floor or her art table and NOT on the intended canvas so most of it is washed away. I swear, I turn my attention away for a second and the dog is eating playdoh. Sigh.

    I'm slightly jealous of your Leo's talents.

  4. The photo method is how I talked myself into it... But saving one from every so often is definitely a good idea!

  5. jackie3/14/2012

    Woah! That's impressive stuff! Way to go, Leo!