Sunday, May 13, 2012

My Mother's Day Wasn't That Special

Chocolate pancakes, not burnt pancakes (jb asked me to clarify)
I had a lovely Mother's Day.  I got to sleep in, Leo and jb brought me breakfast in bed (chocolate pancakes and a smoothie), family nap, walk around the neighborhood, iced latte, and a phenomenal chicken, spinach, goat cheese salad for dinner.  I think jb felt it should have been more exciting/extravagant - but it's EXACTLY what I was hoping for.  Sleep, good food and time with my family.

I have to admit, I used to judge moms who wished for time alone on Mother's day.  I totally get it now.  It's hard to find time to yourself - even to go to the bathroom in peace, so I can understand how quiet time seems like the ultimate luxury.  I certainly spent a chunk of my day sleeping soundly!  :)  Still, overall, what I want most out of Mother's Day is to spend time with the two (soon to be three!) special people who make me a mama.

I now fully realize that the reason for this is because I am blessed with a partner who makes it a point to make sure I get a little time to myself on a regular basis.  You know how it's often said that every day should be Mother's Day - well, in our house I feel like it kind of is.  It's not just time either, it's general appreciation and everyday pampering.  It's still great to have a special day, but knowing that it's not a once a year opportunity to get my needs met makes my outlook on the day a lot different.

This point was driven home today by Leo.  This was the first year he was able to consciously and actively participate in Mother's Day traditions.  jb kept reminding him that it was Mother's Day and that they were doing X (making me breakfast, being quiet so I could sleep, picking me flowers) because it was Mother's Day. He could tell it was special, but you could also tell that he was a little perplexed - because they often do these things for me.  Perhaps serving breakfast on a tray and making me a card are not regular activities in our home, but most of the rest felt pretty familiar to him.

It is so special to see how concretely jb has instilled everyday appreciation for me in him.  I hope I've held up my end of that bargain.


  1. Shannon Ott5/14/2012

    I love that the "special" isnt that out of the ordinary for you because jb and leo are doing these things for you regularly... what a great appreciation to emulate for leo as he grows!

  2. Such a lovely post! I'm glad that you feel such joy and love. You're a lucky mama!!

  3. you'll always be his best girl.

  4. I am. I *hope* we are all lucky - but I'm sure that I am.

  5. Oh, I do hope I'm always at least in the top three ;)