Saturday, June 30, 2012

Zoe's First Week

I want to get some memories of Zoe's first week down even though my thoughts are a little bit jumbled. Here are the things that come right to mind:
  • Sleep: This kid loves to sleep. She wants to sleep for 4-6 hr stretches - and then of course wakes up starving. I've tried waking her to eat (taking her clothes off, gentle but insistent nudging, and even a cool wash cloth), but it's a battle. The pediatrician said four hours is fine - and to try waking her for anything beyond that but not to worry too much because she's doing great. 
  • Nursing: Like I mentioned under sleep, she will go long stretches and then cluster feed. The good news is that there is plentiful milk - for both Leo and Zoe. After struggling so much to establish a supply with Leo it's very satisfying to hear her gulp, gulp, gulping and see the milk running down her chin. We hit a bump when my milk came in and I was in a good deal of pain and my breasts were so engorged that she couldn't latch on - but now we are back to breastfeeding easily.
  • Vocal:  She likes to vocalize.  I don't think Leo was making cooing sounds until a few weeks old - but Zoe has been saying "agoo" all week.  
  • Dry skin: She was born with dry skin and it has even cracked around her ankles (poor thing!).  I've been putting breastmilk on the cracked areas and a bit of apricot oil from time to time.  Now she is peeling - so I'm hoping that means it's getting better.
  • Umbilical hernia:  Her little belly button is sticking out a couple of centimeters.  We are hoping that (like most umbilical hernias) it corrects itself over the next year or so.
  • Content: She doesn't complain much.  I never considered Leo a high-needs baby, but he certainly cried a lot more than Zoe.  She didn't even cry when the nurse did her heel prick blood test!  She's also pretty ok with being put down - which Leo was not.  
  • My Recovery: My physical recovery has been much easier this time around.  I'm still a bit sore and tired, but the swelling has gone down and I'm feeling like myself.  The hormone crash was/is still brutal - but knowing it was coming and being able to identify it for what it was when it was happening made it seem survivable.  
  • Weight - At three days Zoe had lost an entire pound.  When the nurse told me my stomach dropped as I had a flashback to Leo's struggle to gain weight - but she quickly assured me that it was fine since it was less than 10% of her body weight.  And sure enough, she is on the rise again already.  Thank goodness for being a butterball!
  • Outings:  Zoe attended her first rally, Leo's music class, Uncle Jared's housewarming, and gone on a few errands.  It's been quite hot out, so we've spent most of our time at home in the AC - but she's certainly not been a recluse. 
  • Visitors: We've had family, friends and neighbors stop by.  It's clear that Zoe is already very loved.  And we are feeling very loved as well.  
I know, I know I made a lot of comparisons to Leo's first week - but it's my only frame of reference!  Zoe certainly made a lot of mischief during her time in-utero compared to Leo - but for this first week Zoe has seemed like the easiest baby ever.  Sleep, sleep, sleep, eat, sleep, sleep, sleep.  Which means I'm feeling pretty reasonably rested.  It also means that I am able to give Leo a bit more attention - which he is needing.  His transition is a-whole-nother post, but I am really grateful that Zoe being so easy going means that Leo gets some space to adjust.  
The camera adds like a pound

Showered with presents from Leo

Cloth Bum

Monkey Jr. 


  1. csoletti7/01/2012 adorable. coconut oil works great too for the dry patches. i'm just impressed you were able to get a post up with 2 littles! amazing!

  2. Martha Kasper7/01/2012

    She is adorable, and it sounds like you are adjusting. I can't imagine having TWO!! I was definitely meant to be a one child mom!

  3. Melissa7/01/2012

    Congratulations! I just got around to reading your birth story (because I wanted to finish writing mine first!) Fast and furious is right- what a morning! I am SO glad you are feeling great and boy have you been active in your postpartum! Zoe is just perfect. <3

  4. The Who has an umbilical hernia, too. Unfortunately, at 3.5, it's still a fingertip's width open (and I happen to love his little outie!) but his ped just told us that if it doesn't close, we should probably have a stitch put in when he's about 6 so that it doesn't bust out when he's a grown-up, trying to lift heavy things.

  5. Ead7557/02/2012

    She is just delicious! Glad that everyone is doing so well!

  6. Yes! We need to get some - it's like snake oil; will fix anything ;)

  7. It's intense but those tender sibling moments remind me that it's all going to be worth it. for sure.

  8. Thank you! Can't wait to read yours. I need to set aside some time!

  9. Yes, we have a 5 yr old friend who just had the surgery. She did great and recovered quickly - but man, I'd like to avoid it.