Monday, September 10, 2012

Update Medley

We've got a whole lot going on - and yet...not much.  Here's all the West Philly Mama news that's fit to print.

Even though both Leo and Zoe are not yet school age - I still feel like we are in that "back to school"  swing that's happening all around us.  I suppose because we had such a busy summer and now it feels like we are going to get back to "real life".

I signed Leo up for a music class and a soccer class for the fall.  I'm hoping our playgroup (which was mostly on hiatus for the summer) starts meeting again regularly.  I'd also like to get back in the habit of getting to the library each week.  All this adds up to a schedule that will hopefully help Leo (and I) settle back into a routine.

What else is new?  Leo got his first haircut that wasn't by me.  He'd been very afraid of getting his haircut lately (as was evidenced by how long it was getting), so when I won a giveaway over at the Delaware County Moms blog for four free haircuts at home - I figured jb, Uncle Daniel and I could each get one and if Leo was up for it - great.  I wasn't too hopeful about it, though. Bobby from Hair At Home was GRRRREAT with him - and he sat happily for a haircut in our kitchen ("no buzzer please, only scissors") and looks very handsome with his new shorter do.

My siblings came to visit this past weekend and it was really nice to all be under one roof for a couple days.  Leo and Zoe were both happy to have them here and Leo was very proud to show off our new (not yet unpacked) apartment.  We celebrated Uncle Nick's birthday with pizza and the playground.

I've been working (as part of the PFP board) to help plan the third annual Family Matters conference - all about LGBT families. It is shaping up to be awesome - if you are near Philly and an LGBT parent, LGBT prospective parent or an educator you should totally come.

Aaaaaaand finally - we are also in full swing of election season.  Watching convention speeches, attending rallies, and talking about what a big decision the country is about to make with Leo (and Zoe).  It's the first presidential election for both Leo and Zoe!  Although, Leo does have some election experience under his belt. This also means that jb is working a lot - but maybe I can convince her to take a couple days off in November :)

And that's the scoop!


  1. Carolyn Chernoff9/11/2012

    Ooh! When Leo came over to play last week, he told me: "I got a haircut!" I assumed it was one of your usual excellent ones. NOW I KNOW. What a brave kid.

  2. MamaWho9/12/2012

    How are you talking to Leo about the election? I want to talk to The Who about it, but somehow the language eludes me.