Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Zoe: Three Months

Zoe at Three Months

Our happy-go-lucky baby girl is three months old.  Three months is such an awesome age - the cusp between tiny newborn and bouncing baby.  She can keep her head up no problem, likes to always be sitting up when awake, has my father's wildly expressive eyebrows and loves to smile her crooked smile.  

She's laughed a handful of times (the first time because jb coughed - hilarious), but even though she is super smiley the laughs don't come as easily yet.  She does like it when we clap her hands for her quickly and we blalalalalala with our tongue.  

Still infatuated with her big brother

She sucks on her fingers and fist, but also uses a pacifier frequently.  She likes to press the soles of her feet together.  She has also started rhythmically thumping and pinching my breast when she nurses.  It's cute - but holy cow does it hurt.  I'm surprised there aren't bruises - sister is strong!

After four kids and two grandkids
Abi can't be bothered to carry babies upright

She's still rather quiet.  She likes to "chat" with goos - but doesn't often cry.  She will complain if she wants something and when she does cry it sounds like a meow.   

She still will fall asleep anywhere

 Her black hair is (mostly) still hanging around but you can see the little blond hairs coming in underneath.  Her newborn nose is elongating making her profile look a bit like Aunt Fanny's and her ears are quite...flappy.  

Happy Girl

Daddy, the ocean is cold!

Watching the Fan

Crooked Smile

Watching the Sunset

Tummy Time
I'm still shocked every time I put her to bed.  She gets a little fussy (complainy, not really crying) - jb will get her a fresh diaper and pjs.  I will swaddle her.  Maybe I'll nurse her for a bit if she's hungry - then I will lay her in her bassinet (or if it's daytime in her swing or bouncer), give her a pacifier and she quietly looks around until she dozes off.  AH-MAY-ZING.  I wouldn't have believed it was possible if I didn't see it with my own eyes.

And I don't take it for granted.  Not the sleep, not the patience when I can't get to her right away, not the champion nursing and healthy weight gain, not the sunny disposition, not the adoration of her brother who bumps and bangs her from time to time.  I whisper a thank you in her ear everyday.  Everyone please remind me of this during adolescence.  


  1. Carolyn Chernoff9/25/2012

    Can't believe it's three months already! GO ZOE (and Mama and Daddy and Leo and Talulah). AMAZING.

  2. Looking like Aunt Fanny hm?? WIth the longness..and the flappiness...VERY lucky girl indeed