Monday, October 15, 2012

Election Season Bustle

Our Family with Rev. Jesse Jackson
jb has been busy at work in the months leading up to the election - and so have we. The latest thing jb has been working on is a Get Out the Vote rally that was held right here in West Philly and featured the Reverend Jesse Jackson.  Cool, right?

It took place at Malcolm X Park yesterday (Leo now thinks there should be a playground at every rally) and included a picnic and live music.  The weather was gorgeous - so I walked over with the kids to meet jb.  (She had spent the morning visiting two radio shows and five churches with the Reverend - a pretty packed day)

The Reverend leaving the last church on the tour

Press conference in the park

Leo listening to the Reverend speak

Riveted crowd

jb is working most weekends and a couple evenings per week these days. So not only do we try to attend as many political events as possible because we think its important to be engaged and teach the kids about the political process- but also because it's an opportunity to get some time with jb - even if it's work time.

Of course, when it rains, it pours - so naturally my plate is also rather full. I'm doing another eight post series over at CafeMom, the Philly Family Pride Family Matters conference is next weekend, I spoke on a panel at the Elements LGBTQ women of color conference on Saturday and next week I will be speaking at the Mutter Museum's Day Of The Dead festival. All awesome stuff - but my head is spinning.

I'm hoping that after the election jb and I can both take a breather. Of course, I also think that the longer I keep waiting for life to settle down- the closer I am I the realization that this is just life now. We are busy - and will be indefinitely.

I suppose we could deliberately take a step back. But this is kind of who we are. We are busy- and we do lots of cool stuff. We are involved with our community- and even if I feel like I need a minute to catch my breath sometimes, I wouldn't want that to change.

another day, another rally

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