Friday, November 16, 2012

Leo: Two And A Half

Today Leo is two and a half. I've been doing a lot of issue updates on him lately (eating, sleeping, personality, activity...) so there might not be much left to say, except that he's fantastic. He's energetic and finding his own in this world. He's simple and complicated. He's cute. I know I'm his mama, but come on, the kid is adorable. He rages while he is trying to sort out how to deal with disappointments and frustrations. He's full of love and wants to express it with kisses and hugs and wrestling. He never stops asking questions. He loves imaginative play and reading books and his little sister. Oh, he loves his little sister. He's a hearty eater. He's got the potty thing down pat. He doesn't ever want to sleep. He breaks his dad's heart each morning when he begs him not to go to work. He's going on his first overnight without a parent tomorrow - this is such a big grown up step. He still likes to be worn in a carrier and sung to sleep. He can climb on the jungle gym at the playground like a monkey - and raise my blood pressure and he reaches for precarious footing that is just a little further than he could master yesterday. He's smart and kind and thoughtful. When he gives into the urges to scream and cry out of frustration he is hard to reach. Sometimes it takes a while to get through to him in his ocean of feelings - but he always wants help to turn it around. He wants you to wade in after him through the tears, and screams and flailing limbs and take his hand and lead him back - not all the way back, just back enough to catch his breath - and then he wants you to give him some guidance so he can walk the rest of the way out of his emotional storm on his own. He is making connections and figuring out how the world works. He's making art, and singing songs, and speaking in Spanish. He still has a precious few words he mispronounces or otherwise confuses. Except in Spanish where he has quite a few - like saying "tengo cansada, mama" as he's falling asleep. He's intense. And a handful. He's sweet and tender. He loves it when I call him my snuggle bunny and will request it when he's having a hard time. He's driving me bonkers and making each day better than the last. He's two and a half.

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  1. Adorable! And sounds just right for 2.5!
    You're doing a great job!