Sunday, November 18, 2012

Overnight With Abi

Last night my little baby packed his kitty backpack with a couple toys, crayons, and a snack. I handed the small suitcase containing his clothes to my mother. I kissed him, asked him to listen to his Abi and told him to have a good time. He gave me a quick happy kiss, took Abi's hand and skipped away. Seriously. Skipped. He didn't even look back.

He's spending four nights with my mother (and father and sisters and brother) before we join him in Pittsburgh for Thanksgiving. Only once before in his life has he spent the night away from me (and he was with jb). So first night away without a parent. Only second night away from me. It's a big milestone. He's ready. I'm mostly ready.

By all accounts he's doing great. And I would know, I've been checking in. A lot. I'm sure I'm driving my mother and sister crazy, but it feels so strange to be away from him. I usually know what he's doing every moment of every day.

I'm so glad that he's doing well away from us. I'm glad he's getting special time with my mom and dad and siblings. I miss him, but I'm also enjoying time with jb and Zoe. The quiet and calm is nice. I think by Wednesday we will both be ready for our reunion, though. My mom reported that he did cry a bit at bedtime- just for a few minutes. He told her, "I want to go to West Philly," just before dozing off.

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  1. Sweet!!! What an adventure for your big boy! I bet the reunion is sooooo happy!