Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Daily Routine

Getting out the door is
such an accomplishment
Ever since we got back to Philly, I have been thinking of writing a post about the routine that we have been settling into.  I was struggling to find a rhythm after our long time away from home.  Not to mention that both Leo and Zoe are changing so quickly these days that the moment I feel like I have things figured out - suddenly everything is different.

After reading Dresden's post today about her typical day - I thought I'd jot down our version, too.  Of course "typical" is hard to come by.  Sometimes we go on all day adventures to the museum or the zoo.  Some days we don't leave the house at all.  Some days involve TV and other types of screen time.  Somedays we tackle big projects like an intricate recipe that weaves through the entire day.  Most days look something like this:

8:00 am: Wake up.  Usually Leo is the first to wake up.  If he's in a good mood, he's a pleasant little alarm clock.  If out.

If it's a normal workday for jb (ie, no early meetings) she will "set me up for success" by changing Zoe's diaper, taking Leo to the potty, dressing them both and giving Leo some breakfast.  Yes, I know how amazing this is.

I take this time to tear myself from sleep - I am lousy at mornings.  I slowly wake up and check my email/messages/calendar on my phone. I get dressed, join breakfast in progress and take over the kids. 
I make myself a morning cup of hot cocoa (or coffee if it's an especially rough morning) while jb gets ready for work.

9:00 am: jb leaves.  Lately this has been fine - a kiss and a wave.  But there are some days that this is a very sad time for Leo (and therefore jb) and involves a lot of crying, begging and negotiating.  

Once jb is out the door we switch to get-out-the-door mode.  I stock the diaper bag, gather coats/mittens/hats, pack snacks (or a lunch if it's an all day outing), and put on shoes.  

10:00 am: Get out the door.  Usually we are on foot and headed to the library/music/playgroup/playground - but sometimes we have to catch a bus for a venture out of the neighborhood.

10:30 am: Zoe naps - usually on the go.  When I feel her get that unique brand of baby sleep heavy in the Ergo I know it's time to snap up the hood so her head doesn't roll back.  Though she doesn't seem to care either way.

A rousing game of "parade"
Noon: Lunch.  Usually back at home in the noon-ish hour.  We do a lot of leftovers for lunch - soups are big this time of year.  Some days I promise Leo a hot dog or a bagel if he eats a big salad first.  Lunches on the go are a whole different animal - but I'm trying to get better at packing a lunch if I know we will be out.

12:45 pm: Play time.  Current favorite activities include potato head, trains, playdough, parade (this is what he calls meticulously lining up every car, figurine, puzzle piece and stuffed animal we own in a line on the floor), and kitchen/cooking.  

2:00 pm: "Storytime" - This coincides with Zoe's second nap of the day.  I nurse Zoe and read stories to Leo.  At minimum it's some quiet time for him to be still for a bit - and sometimes he will fall asleep for a much needed nap.

3:30 pm: Play time: Ideally I get in gear to do some yoga with him.  He loves it and I feel better when I do it. 

Story time magic
4:30 pm: Uncle Daniel starts to make dinner.  This is one of the best perks of living with jb's brother.  He makes dinner from scratch most nights.  And if that's not awesome enough, the moment Leo hears Uncle Daniel banging around in the kitchen he runs down the hall to "help" him make dinner.  So I get a little one on one time with Zoe. 

6:00 pm: jb gets home.  Leo's excitement hits a fever pitch as he greets jb and tells her about his day.

6:30 pm: We sit down to dinner as a family.  Usually it's something delicious and wholesome that I didn't cook.  I do love to cook - but I don't know how people do it with two small kids and I'm very grateful that I don't have to worry about it every day.

7:30 pm: jb gets Leo ready for bed.  I put Zoe down - assuming she made it through dinner.  Some nights we have to excuse ourselves from the table early because she didn't get enough sleep during the day.

8:00 pm: Bedtime for Leo.  On a good (great!) day both kids are asleep by 8:30.  Sometimes there is at least one child awake at any given moment until midnight.  It's a crapshoot.  

8:30 pm: Grown-up time.  Our number one choice during this time is to cuddle up on the couch with treats that we don't let the kids eat and watch TV together.  Some night I want/need to write.  Some nights jb has to get some work done.  Some nights we need to do chores that the kids make impossible during the day.  

11:00 pm:  We start thinking about bed.  We aim to be in bed and asleep by midnight.  Doesn't always happen (Says the girl pressing publish on this post at 12:30 am).

What is your day like?  Seriously, I want to know.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE reading about other peoples schedules.  It's fascinating and strangely intimate.  Plus, it helps quiet my fear that I'm doing life ALL WRONG.  And sometimes I am - so even better if I can read about people doing it right.  Or commiserate with those juggling their day similarly.  


  1. It breaks my heart that you are childless and still get up at 5:30. You might as well have a baby! ;)

  2. Very different indeed :) 5:30? Wow. You've already eaten breakfast, RUN, gotten ready and made it to the office before I open my eyes. Color me impressed.

  3. Melissa Hazelton1/23/2013

    Totoally delurking to ask if there is a yoga video you use with Leo? My son is 5 and would love this!

  4. zunzunbobo1/23/2013

    i love this! maybe i will do a post about this, too. i wish i had an uncle daniel to make us dinner! sigh.

  5. If you do please share the link. I'm serious. I LOVE reading about people's days. Especially the mundane.

  6. MamaWho1/23/2013

    Here's mine!

  7. yeah but I'm also no fun after 9pm. Constantly yawning and thinking about my nice soft bed.

  8. I love reading these too so I may have to put one together. (I've done it before, but not in over a year!)

    Also, thanks for the yoga idea -- I hadn't tried that with Sebastian in a long time and we had a great time doing it today. Will have to make it habit!

  9. I love reading these too! So so so interesting!

  10. Here's my day