Friday, March 1, 2013

Martha's Lament

Have you been following the Martha Graham Cracker story? Basically, a supervisor at Haddonfield Child Care in New Jersey invited Martha, a well known Philly drag performer, to read a Dr. Seuss book to a group of 5-11 year olds in honor of National Read Across America America. So cool, right?

Well, unfortunately, someone complained - calling it inappropriate - and despite some efforts to defend the event, the childcare facility buckled to pressure and the event was cancelled. Major bummer.

The good news is that their loss is our gain.  In response to the controversy, Christ Church Neighborhood House invited Ms. Graham Cracker to read Dr. Suess to kids this Sunday. She will read a book, sing some songs, and generally be fabulous. So if you have kids, you live in the Philly area and you aren't all uptight about gender performance - bring 'em out to Christ Church this Sunday at 2 pm.

How much fun does this sound like!?!

Note: It looks like it will be quite a crowd, and fire codes must be respected, so be prepared for the possibility that not everyone is guaranteed entrance.


  1. Crystal3/01/2013

    Wish we lived in Philly! Sounds like it will be amazing & fun!!

  2. this is so seriously awesome! PLEASE take photos/videos/selfies!!! Wish we could go. (& ROCK ON Christ Church!)

  3. Why don't I live in Philly?