Monday, April 22, 2013

Zoe: 10 Months

Double digit months! Zoe is pulling up and cruising hand-over hand like a pro - she will even stand for a few moments unsupported.  We've begun planning her (joint with Leo) birthday parties - her infancy days are numbered.

I remember with Leo I anticipated being very sad about the one year milestone, but when it came I was at peace with it.  I felt like I had really appreciated and soaked up as many moments of his first year as possible.  This time around, I wonder if I'll feel the same.  It's been a lot harder to find time to just revel in her baby-ness.  Unlike with her older brother, there have been few sessions of just staring at her for hours.  Still, it feels like she's always been a part of our family, just as much as it feels like this first year slipped by.

So what's new with the Zoester?

  • Not as content.  She's been fussy - the easy going baby she was in the first six months has begun to shift into a baby that's a bit more quick to complain.  She's still by no means a difficult baby - still, it's been a gradual but definite shift.
  • Movement.  I mentioned that she is (always) pulling up and cruising.  She's also quick at crawling and never has her belly on the ground to scoot anymore.  She will even follow me from one room to another - but does NOT like it when I walk out of a room.
  • Hand games.  She's moved on from "If You're Happy An You Know It" clapping to "La Mosita" head tapping and "No Tengo Manita" wrist twisting. She's not signing much - sometimes she will sign "nurse."  I don't know if it's because we haven't been as consistent as we were with Leo, but I do think her fussiness stems from frustration of not being able to communicate effectively.  So I suppose we need to double down on the signing efforts.
  • Music. She likes to move it, move it.  She perks up (or quiets down if she was fussing) at the sound of music and loves to dance.
  • Eating - She is pickier than I recall Leo being at this age - perhaps because she has fewer (still only has two) teeth?  If she doesn't like something we feed her she will not only spit it out, but will blow a raspberry to make her point.  She freaking LOVES the pouches with the nozzles.  She's still nursing a lot, but will reject breastfeeding from time to time (I don't recall Leo EVER turning down a nursing session).
  • Sleeping - She was quite sick over the last few weeks so discomfort and stuffiness made sleeping tricky, but generally she's a very good sleeper.  Bedtime is a multi-step process - I nurse her to sleep and she will wake up an hour or so later to nurse again and possibly repeat, but hopefully stay down after that.
  • Talking. She is saying "dada" (or dadadadada) and "hi" (or haaa) consistently and in correct contexts.  She mimics sounds (like burping, which is hilarious) and intonations.  
  • Everything is a phone.  Everything.  
  • Social.  I now know what it's like to have the baby that waves at everyone.  You'd thing she was on a float on a parade the way this kid smiles and waves as we walk down the street.  She's also obviously excited to see special people - like members of our household or Abi and other family members.
  • Siblings.  Leo and Zoe are really starting to play together.  The (sadly few) activities that they can both participate in happily like bath times, walks and bubble blowing are awesome.  I want to think of more activities they can both enjoy - like some sensory projects.  Any ideas?  On the other hand, Leo is starting to want space to do non-baby things - like play dough or meticulously set up all the puzzle pieces we own in carefully curated single file.  Zoe is mobile enough to get into anything he's trying to do - even his art table which was formerly his big-boy safe space is now fair game that she can pull up so easily.  

It's been a challenging couple of months between illness and an uptick in neediness and fussiness - but we are still chugging along.  It does still feel like I'm just getting through the days sometimes, but there is also a lot of joy.  I'm torn between looking forward to days when things calm down a bit, and trying not to rush this time that we'll never get again.

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  1. Carolyn Chernoff4/27/2013

    I just cannot get over how much I loooooove that photo of Zoso in her turban! What wonderful kids, Sandra.