Tuesday, May 7, 2013

My House Is Clean (No Thanks To Me)

I love to play the "If We Won The Lottery" game, in which I enumerate all the luxuries I would indulge in regularly if we had the cash.  Among the mani-pedis, massages, and shameless shopping one treat always makes the list: Cleaning help.  Well last week I got to live the dream (ha) when Home Joy invited me to try their services (disclosure: Home Joy provided a free cleaning).

I easily booked our cleaning online and the cleaner assigned to our home arrived on time, asked what we'd like him to focus on, and did a really thorough job.  My priority is clean floors since so much of this happens in our house:

And our floors got clean - all of our floors.  Including the corners and under the furniture - not just "por donde ve la suegra" (where your mother-in-law will see), as my mother would say.  And not just the floors, all those spots I don't usually get to (like dusting the shelves) got some much needed attention.

I planned to take the kids to the playground to stay out of the way that day, but it was a rainy and chilly spring day so we stayed in the house during our appointment.  Our cleaner was friendly and good with the kids (Leo was very curious about the whole thing).  I felt comfortable knowing that Home Joy cleaners are insured, bonded and pass background checks.

I also really liked that they texted me a reminder about my upcoming appointment and an easy follow up to make sure I was happy with my experience.  They have a 100% satisfaction guarantee - so if you do decide to give them a try, you've got nothing to lose.

The best part?  The rate for in-home cleaning is $20/hour.  That makes it reasonable to fit into our budget from time to time - which will be such a treat.  Home Joy is new to the Philly area and is officially launching tomorrow, Wednesday, May 8th.  Just in time for Mother's Day ;)

Note: Right now they are only servicing Philly proper, but they have plans to expand to other neighborhoods.  If you'd like to be notified when cleaners will be available in your area you can sign up for a follow-up e-mail.  


  1. JEALOUS. That is all. (Floors would be my priority too! Also my least favorite to clean.)

  2. addie métivier5/08/2013

    wow, i am totally going to try them out and treat myself! that is REALLY affordable!

  3. maria smith5/09/2013

    I also just had a cleaning service come to my home last week. AWESOME! Way to give a mom a break!!

  4. ruzzel016/13/2013

    Pretty cool!


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